Aspire Pegasus

Aspire Pegasus
Introducing the Pegasus, A new direction for our mods. The Pegasus delivers power up to 70 watts in normal mode and up to 70 watts in temperature mode, all in a sleek and classy device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The battery compartment allows users to swap their batteries on the go making the Pegasus a wonderful combination of functionality and convenience.


Aspire Pegasus Mod Dimensions


  • • Voltage displayed to the hundredths
  • • Resistance displayed to the hundredths
  • • Wattage displayed in large easy to read numerals

Protective features

  • Aspire Pegasus Mod display Check Atomizer

    • High resistance/No atomizer message

  • Aspire Pegasus Mod display Low Battery

    •Low battery message

  • Aspire Pegasus Mod display Too Hot

    •High temperature protection

  • Aspire Pegasus Mod display Low Resistor

    •Short circuit protection

  • Aspire Pegasus Mod display Low OVER 12s

    •Cut off protection

Temperature control(viable with Nickel and titanium coils)

  • Aspire Pegasus Temperature Control Range-200H
  • Aspire Pegasus Temperature Control Range-600H
  • 1.Pressing the fire button for at least 4 seconds, will cause the Pegasus mod to read the material of the coil automatically and change the mode between normal and temperature control. (Note: 1.When attaching a new atomizer please be sure that the display is illuminated 2.if the battery is below half a charge, 3.6 volts, the Pegasus may take longer to switch modes.)
  • 2.The Pegasus provides the full 70 watts to regulate temperature
  • 3.To increase the temperature turn the gear to the left, to descrease the temperature turn the gear to the right.
Aspire Pegasus change the wattage

•To increase the wattage turn the gear to the left, to descrease the wattage turn the gear to the right. If you turn the gear quickly the wattage will be increased or decreased in 10 watt increments.

  • Aspire Pegasus Output Power from 1.0W
  • Aspire Pegasus Output Power up to 70W

•Adjustable wattage from 1 to 70 watts


Aspire Pegasus Mod color


Aspire Pegasus Mod battery
The days of sealed batteries are over. Now you can change out your batteries quickly and conveniently so no matter what you can enjoy your vape.

Charging dock

Aspire Charging dock Aspire Charging dock
The Pegasus' charging dock offers you a stylish and sturdy means of charging your Pegasus.

Odyssey kit

Aspire Pegasus Mod color

Included in the Odyssey kit are the Triton 2, the Pegasus Manual edition, and an Aspire micro USB cable. The Triton 2, a tank that has AND does it all as well as being leakless and easy to clean. The Triton 2 comes with a 0.5 ohm Clapton coil installed for direct to lung vaping. Also included are a 1.8 ohms coil for mouth to lung vaping, a 0.15ohm coil for temperature control. The Pegasus Manual edition is a variable wattage and temperature control device with an ergonomic feel and a sleek stylish look. Delivering from 1 to 70 watts in REG mode through a floating 510 connection with swappable battery versatility. The Pegasus also fire coils from 0.1ohm to 3.0ohms in REG mode and in BYPASS mode it can fire coils from 0.2ohm to 3.0ohms. All this comes together to bring you a truly functional personal vaporizer. The Odyssey kit contains everything you need to enjoy your favorite e-juice anywhere, anytime.